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Southside Dental is an affiliate of Smiles First Corporation. We are proud to announce our partnership with Operation Smile, a volunteer-led global medical charity that provides free surgery to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial differences in children and young adults worldwide.

Operation Smile Southside Dental Winnipeg Dentist
Operation Smile Southside Dental Winnipeg Dentist

Our Founder and CEO, Dr. Azim Parekh, has been passionate about helping patient and making them smile a little bit more since the beginning. With Operation Smile, we share the same vision and mission of taking care of patients and making a positive impact on their lives.
Through this partnership, Southside Dental and Operation Smile will work together to bring possibilities to our patients. By combining our resources, expertise and commitment to quality care, we aim to make a positive impact on patients’ lives and ensure they have a brighter future.
We are excited to work with Operation Smile and look forward to the future of this partnership. Join us in making a difference in patient’s live and help spread smiles around the world.

Watch a video on Operation Smile’s vision.

Operation Smile was founded by Dr. William P. Magee, Jr., a plastic surgeon, and his wife Kathleen, a nurse, and a social worker in 1982. They were traveling to the Philippines with other medical volunteers to repair their cleft lips. What they saw was overwhelming, approximately 300 families arrived hoping their children would receive surgery, but the team could only treat 40 children. As they were leaving Dr. Magee promised to return and help more children.

Operation Smile Southside Dental Winnipeg Dentist
Operation Smile Southside Dental Winnipeg Dentist

Since 1982, Operation Smile and its volunteers have provided surgical procedures and dental care to more than 326,000 children and young adults born with cleft lip, cleft palate, and other facial differences.

Join Us For The Longest Day Of SMILES™

The Longest Day of SMILES™ is a movement that Operation Smile does every year to raise funds to provide new smiles. Southside Dental is partnering with Operation Smile to help raise funds and provide new smiles to patients with cleft conditions. Our dental office will be donating 100% of our profits on our longest day, June 15th, to Operation Smile.

Operation Smile Southside Dental Winnipeg Dentist

Take Action, Get Involved

Operation Smile Southside Dental Winnipeg Dentist

Join us in taking action to help raise funds to give children with cleft conditions a new smile. Donate today! 100% of donations received goes to Operation Smile.

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